Google Cloud and Alibaba, realtime video distribution

Google Cloud, Alibaba multi-cloud autoscaling

Project Goal

Build an auto scaling infrastructure, to distribute real-time FullHD video, around the globe with more than concurrent 500K viewers for corporate customers

Recap of the steps needed

  1. Build the Linux Debian backend based on ISPconfig, NGINX, PHP, MySQL to distribute https pages to Frontends
  2. Collect log in central logserver
  3. Build Auto-scaling, load balanced and synchronized frontends
  4. Setup Geo DNS to route users traffic to the proximity zone
  5. Build China zone frontends on Alibaba cloud platform and deal with sync lag
  6. Setup Level3 and Akamai CDNs
  7. Create an automated stress test instances pool with Apache bench and siege to test infrastructure

Project tools and providers

Cloud Providers

We choose to build on top of Google Cloud Platform as the main global infrastructure, based on the comparison of the features, the network distribution, latency, cost efficiency and many other detailed tests.
Is possible to view the full comparison here: Cloud Platform Comparison

In the Chinese zone we can't find any competitor to the features and the network of Alibaba cloud, even if the platform still couldn't compete with Google Cloud outside of China


The webserver chosen is NGINX, well known for the speed, born to break the C10K problem
In these days as this solution it's used with small instances, in order to distribute the load horizontally on multiple computational units
Still lack a lot of components plesent in Apache2 it's the best chose for the speed

ISPconfig, control panel, guarantee to the customer the ability and more easyness in the configuration of a virtual host, used a backend, distribute the web content to the frontends by a continuous sync

The central log server, based on rsyslog, make possible to save log from any instance even if it's auto created and quickly destroyed

Apache bench, Siege: stress test tools, used to simulate thousand of request per second to the webservers

Testing and production results

Based on the stress tests the dual core Google Cloud instances could handle more than 11K request per second
In production, with the scaling, during a live the infrastructure reached 500K requests per second